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In Owasso

It’s summertime! 🔥😎☀️And the Pitta Dos
Studio B
Studio B is complete, and plans for an additional classroom are in the works. This newer version has 1,037 square feet of floor space, gentle lighting with north windows, and a water based radiant heated floor underneath.  It provides plenty of room for props, mats, and straps. We request that you leave your shoes, socks, and personal belongings in the reception area along with your cell phone (in silent mode).  Thank you.

FACILITIES - Comfortable, warm, and inviting!

We welcome all guests to come in the front door, sign in, and go to the reception room in order to store your personal items here before entering the studio.  Thank you for taking off your shoes and leaving your cell phone in your purse or cubby.  Yoga is practiced barefoot on our radiant heated floor.

Tranquility Yoga's studio is located inside the home of Brian and Jeanne Doss.  
This was part of the dream to provide a calm, comfortable, clean, safe, and welcoming environment for people to practice yoga, spin, weight lifting, and Pilates.  Please come 10 to 15 minutes before class begins to set up.  The doors lock promptly at class time.  Thank you.

No shoes or phones in the yoga space.Tuesday, 11/27/18 

9:30 a.m. 

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Studio A - Original Studio
Jeanne taught in Studio A for five years before the newer studio was built.  Now we practice yoga classes in there along with teaching spin classes on the bikes in Studio A.
In nice weather classes are often held outside on the three different yoga patios north of the studio, west of the studio, or out in nature by the pond/creek area.  
We love to practice outside in nature when the temperature is conducive (75 - 80 degrees).
Restroom is provided near the reception area inside for changing clothes and showering if needed.
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