What You Need to Know Your First Class

Many people ask, "What do I need to bring?"

I recommend a mat and to wear comfortable clothing.  

We sell mats for $35.00.  Currently, we do not have any to rent as we have donated them to a local teen girls class.


Water without flavoring is welcome in the studio. Please leave your phone in the reception room.  No shoes allowed in the studio.  Thank you.

"What time should I arrive?"

I recommend arriving about 10-15 minutes before class begins. Come in the door by the wreath to the reception room to sign in at the desk.

"What if I have never practiced yoga before?"

We love new beginners.  

You might try a gentle, moderate, or restorative class the first time. Do what you can and breathe; no one will force you to do something you cannot.

"What if I am not flexible or cannot balance?"

Please do not worry about not being able to touch your toes or flexibility.  It comes through practice. If balance is an issue, please place your mat close to a wall.  

We do not have mirrors on purpose in our studio.  The walls are a prop. Jeanne teaches with props of blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters to make poses more accessible for every body, shape, or size.  Chairs are available upon request.

"What should I expect in a 60-65 minute class?"

We move, we breathe, and we meditate.  We rest the last 5-10 minutes in Final Relaxation.

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